Рейтинг шердог топ 100

Мировой рейтинг тяжеловесов обновился: в топ-100 вошли более 20 бойцов из России

Более 20 бойцов из России вошли в сотню лучших мирового ММА-рейтинга тяжёлого веса.

В пятёрке лидеров значатся топовые бойцы UFC: Стипе Миочич (США), Даниэль Кормье (США), Фрэнсис Нганну (Франция), Джуниор дос Сантос (Бразилия), Деррик Льюис (США). Александр Волков расположился на 9 строчке, а Сергей Харитонов , недавно нокаутировавший американца Мэтта Митриона , занял 11 позицию.

Виталий Минаков , который на днях легко разобрался с Тимоти Джонсоном , – только на 23 месте. Его опередили Фёдор Емельяненко , Валентин Молдавский и Алексей Олейник (22-е, 21-е и 17-е место – соответственно).

У Евгения Гончарова , занимающего в рейтинге 43-ю позицию сегодня есть хороший шанс подняться выше. Через несколько часов начнётся его бой в рамках АСА 97 с американцем Тони Джонсоном за звание чемпиона организации.

Рейтинг тяжеловесов смешанных единоборств
1. Стипе Миочич (США)
2. Даниэль Кормье (США)
3. Фрэнсис Нганноу (Франция)
4. Джуниор дос Сантос (Бразилия)
5. Деррик Льюис (США)
6. Алистар Оверим (Голландия)
7. Райан Бейдер (США)
8. Кертис Блейдс (США)
9. Александр Волков (Россия)
10. Чейк Конго (Франция)
11. Сергей Харитонов (Россия)

13. Шамиль Абдурахимов (Россия)

17. Алексей Олейник (Россия)
21. Валентин Молдавский (Россия)
22. Федор Емельяненко (Россия)
23. Виталий Минаков (Россия)
24. Денис Гольцов (Россия)

32. Александр Емельяненко (Россия)

36. Мухомад Вахаев (Россия)

41. Салимгерей Расулов (Россия)
42. Сергей Павлович (Россия)
43. Евгений Гончаров (Россия)

48. Антон Вязигин (Россия)

56. Анатолий Малыхин (Россия)

69. Евгений Ерохин (Россия)

72. Али Исаев (Россия)
73. Сергей Билостенный (Россия)
74. Зелимхан Умиев (Россия)

99. Алихан Вахаев (Россия)
100. Казбек Сайдалиев (Россия)


Рейтинг шердог топ 100

Sherdog’s Official Mixed Martial Arts Rankings

By: Tristen Critchfield
While Francis Ngannou (deservingly) received the lion’s share of the attention at UFC 260, Vicente Luque took yet another important step in the evening’s co-headliner.

Rafael dos Anjos’ Road to Recovery

The former Ultimate Fighting Championship lightweight champ spoke to Marcelo Alonso about his surgically repaired sports hernia, his successful return to 155 pounds and whom he would like to fight next.

Fight Facts: UFC 260

By: Jay Pettry
UFC 260 featured an amazing African accolade, a dubious D’Arce distinction and a modicum of monetary monuments.

Stock Report: UFC 260

By: Ben Duffy
Not bad for perhaps the most extreme one-fight card in UFC history, eh?

Fight Facts: LFA in March

By: Jay Pettry
Legacy Fighting Alliance’s trio of shows in March featured a litany of undefeated fighters, the dramatic end to the middleweight tournament semis and the quickest knockout in LFA women’s history.

Matches to Make After UFC 260

By: Brian Knapp
The otherworldly punching power for which Francis Ngannou has always been revered finally carried him to the pinnacle of his profession.

After the Bell: Shillan & Duffy Recap UFC 260

By: Ben Duffy and Keith Shillan
Join Keith and Ben right after the main event, as they recap all the action from UFC 260.

By the Numbers: UFC 260

By: Tristen Critchfield
Three years ago, Francis Ngannou wasn’t ready for the moment. Now, he’s the scariest man in mixed martial arts.

The Walkmen: UFC 260 Walkout Tracks

By: Mike Fridley and Jay Pettry
The Ultimate Fighting Championship hosted a highly-anticipated heavyweight title rematch between Stipe Miocic and Francis Ngannou Saturday at UFC 260. As per the norm, the music selected by the fighters participating on the card was top shelf.

UFC 260 Highlight Video: Alonzo Menifield Shoulder Chokes Fabio Cherant

UFC 260 Highlight Video: Marc-Andre Barriault Batters Exhausted Abu Azaitar

Community Crosstalk: UFC 260 ‘Miocic vs. Ngannou 2’

By: Jay Pettry
Come join the Sherdog MMA Forum community as we discuss the action and excitement of UFC 260, headlined by a heavyweight championship rematch between Stipe Miocic and Francis Ngannou, live at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT!

Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren Press Conference Highlights

Jake Paul and Ben Askren trash talk each other at the Triller Fight Club press conference.

LFA 103 Highlight Video: Spike Carlyle Taps Batsumberel Dagvadorj

LFA 103 Highlight Video: Crystal Vanessa Demopoulos Destroys Cynthia Arceo

By: Tyler Treese
The co-main event saw former strawweight women’s champion Crystal Vanessa Demopoulos tear through Cynthia Arceo

LFA 103 Highlight Video: Abdul-Kareem Al-Selwady Steamrolls Jake Sebastian

LFA 103 Highlight Video: Josh Quinlan Chokes Out Dallas Jennings

By: Tyler Treese
In the opening bout of the main card, Josh Quinlan kept his undefeated record intact against Dallas Jennings.

Community Crosstalk: LFA 103 ‘Carlyle vs. Dagvadorj’

By: Jay Pettry
Come join the Sherdog MMA Forum community as we discuss the action and excitement of LFA 103, headlined by a lightweight clash between Spike Carlyle and Batsumberel Dagvadorj, live at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT!

MMA Past, Present & Future: Jens Pulver

Sherdog’s Keith Shillan spoke at length with former UFC lightweight champion Jens Pulver in a wide-ranging interview that touched on his own fight career, some of his favorite old-school MMA moments, his troubled family history and what he’s doing these days.

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Рейтинг шердог топ 100

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Sherdog’s Top 10: Hypothetical UFC-Bellator Crossover Fights

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In terms of intriguing head-to-head matchmaking between the rival promotions, the scenarios are virtually endless. For now, it all remains.

Sherdog’s Top 10: Fastest Knockouts in UFC History

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During the 24 years the Ultimate Fighting Championship has existed, its record books have been written and rewritten by quick-strike KOs, the.

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Sherdog’s Top 10: UFC Light Heavyweight Title Fights

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Eight men have held Ultimate Fighting Championship gold at 185 pounds, their respective reigns resulting in some of the most noteworthy fights.

Sherdog’s Top 10: UFC Title Fight Winners

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Legacies are made and broken when the spotlight shines brightest, especially in the cutthroat world of mixed martial arts.

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The reigning Ultimate Fighting Championship lightweight titleholder makes his pro boxing debut against Floyd Mayweather Jr. on Saturday in Las Vegas.

Sherdog’s Top 10: Floyd Mayweather’s Greatest Hits

By: Brian Knapp Aug, 17, 2017
His name never far from the pound-for-pound discussion, the 1996 Olympic bronze medalist has been one of the world’s premier boxers for more.

Sherdog’s Top 10: UFC Lightweight Title Fights

By: Brian Knapp Aug, 09, 2017
Nine men have held Ultimate Fighting Championship gold at 155 pounds. Their respective reigns have resulted in some of the most memorable fights.

10 August Tussles Worth Watching

Sherdog’s Top 10: MMA Dream Matches

By: Brian Knapp Jul, 26, 2017
The forthcoming showdown between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Conor McGregor serves as a reminder that nothing moves the needle quite like a.

Sherdog’s Top 10: Fastest UFC on Fox Finishes

By: Brian Knapp Jul, 19, 2017
Violent knockouts and quick-strike submissions have been staples of the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s 24-event run on network television.


Sherdog’s Official Mixed Martial Arts Rankings



1. Israel Adesanya (19-0) [1]

Adesanya didn’t score many style points at UFC 248, but he was able to emerge from the evening’s headliner with his undefeated record intact following a unanimous verdict over Yoel Romero at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. The Nigerian-born Kiwi opted for a conservative approach against a dangerous opponent, as he picked his spots and relied heavily on leg kicks to improve to 8-0 in UFC competition. A showdown at UFC 253 with another dangerous adversary in Paulo Henrique Costa looms for “The Last Stylebender,” who could certainly use a more fan-friendly effort in his next Octagon appearance.

2. Robert Whittaker (21-5) [2]

Burnout prompted Whittaker to take a hiatus following a second-round knockout loss to Israel Adesanya at UFC 243 last October, but “The Reaper” returned to form in the UFC on ESPN 14 main event with a competitive five-round verdict over Darren Till in Abu Dhabi. That makes 10 wins in 11 outings for the former champion, who will make a relatively quick turnaround to face surging contender Jared Cannonier at UFC 254 on Oct. 24.

3. Paulo Henrique Costa (13-0) [3]

Costa answered any questions regarding his cardio at UFC 241, as he went three hard rounds with top contender Yoel Romero to capture a narrow unanimous verdict. One of the most imposing figures in the UFC, “Borrachinha” showcased a sturdy chin in addition to a solid gas tank while winning his fifth consecutive Octagon appearance. After being sidelined due to a torn bicep — and bypassed by Romero for a title shot as a result — Costa will square off against Israel Adesanya for middleweight gold at UFC 253.

4. Yoel Romero (13-5) [4]

Romero didn’t necessarily deserve a middleweight title shot at UFC 248, and after a confounding performance against Israel Adesanya, it’s unlikely that “The Soldier of God” will receive another championship opportunity during his promotional tenure. The Olympic silver medalist was explosive in spurts, but those were overshadowed by much longer periods of inactivity as he was picked apart on the outside by the tactical Adesanya. With losses in four of his last five Octagon appearances, the soon to be 43-year-old may have reached a point in his career where his reputation exceeds the product he puts forth in the cage. Romero was forced to withdraw from a UFC on ESPN 15 co-main event clash against Uriah Hall on Aug. 22.

5. Jared Cannonier (13-3) [5]

Cannonier has improved immensely since moving to 185 pounds, and his ascent continued in the UFC Fight Night 160 headliner with a second-round technical knockout stoppage of Jack Hermansson in Copenhagen, Denmark. With the win, “The Killa Gorilla” improved to 3-0 at middleweight, adding his victory over Hermansson to finishes of Anderson Silva and David Branch. After recovering from pectoral surgery, Cannonier will face his most difficult test to date when he squares off against ex-champ Robert Whittaker at UFC 254 on Oct. 24.

6. Jack Hermansson (21-5) [6]

Hermansson claimed his latest victory in surprising fashion, as he submitted former interim title challenger Kelvin Gastelum with a heel hook just 78 seconds into their co-main event encounter at UFC Fight Night 172. It was a nice rebound performance for “The Joker,” who was coming off a TKO defeat to Jared Cannonier last September. Hermansson has won five of his last six promotional outings. The Sweden-based fighter will headline a UFC Fight Night event against Darren Till on Dec. 5

7. Darren Till (18-3-1) [7]

Till certainly had his moments against Robert Whittaker at UFC on ESPN 14, but he ultimately lost a narrow five-round verdict to the former middleweight champion. Till revealed in the aftermath that he likely injured his knee in the second round of the fight and could require surgery and a recovery period. Still, “The Gorilla” wasn’t discouraged by his effort against Whittaker and figures to be tough challenge for many opponents in the middleweight division. Till will get another marquee match at 185 pounds when he squares off against contender Jack Hermansson in the headliner of a UFC event on Dec. 5.

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8. Kelvin Gastelum (15-6) [8]

It wasn’t all that long ago that Gastelum went toe-to-toe with current middleweight champion Israel Adesanya in Sherdog’s 2019 “Fight of the Year,” losing a competitive unanimous decision in an interim title bout at UFC 236. On the heels of a first-round submission defeat to Jack Hermansson at UFC Fight Night 172 on July 18, “The Ultimate Fighter 17” winner finds himself on a three-bout skid and in danger of becoming an also-ran in the middleweight division.

9. Ronaldo Souza (26-8) [9]

After an unsuccessful light heavyweight foray against Jan Blachowicz at UFC Fight Night 164, Souza was to make his return to 185 pounds against Uriah Hall at UFC 249. However, one day before the bout it was revealed that “Jacare” tested positive for the coronavirus, resulting in the cancellation of his proposed clash with Hall. The former Strikeforce champion has lost three of his last four Octagon appearances.

10. Rafael Lovato Jr. (10-0) [10]

Lovato Jr.’s tenacious grappling was just enough to give him the nod against Gegard Mousasi, as the Oklahoma City, Okla., resident claimed middleweight gold with a majority verdict over the UFC veteran in the Bellator London headliner in June 2019. A rematch seemed like a virtual certainty at one point, but Lovato Jr. has since revealed that a brain condition will prevent him from fighting for the foreseeable future. As a result, the Brazilian jiu-jitsu specialist relinquished the Bellator middleweight belt.

Continue Reading » Welterweight


Шлеменко выше Исмаилова и Минеева. Рейтинг бойцов ММА за ноябрь (часть первая)

Сегодня мы публикуем рейтинги в тяжелом, полутяжелом и среднем дивизионах.

Тяжелый вес

1. Стипе Миочич (США, 20 побед — 3 поражения)
2. Фрэнсис Нганноу (Франция, 15-3)
3. Кертис Блейдс (США, 14-2)
4. Деррик Льюис (США, 24-7)
5. Жаирзинью Розенстрайк (Суринам, 11-1)
6. Алистар Оверим (Нидерланды, 47-18)
7. Александр Волков (Россия, 32-8)
8. Джуниор дос Сантос (Бразилия, 21-8)
9. Фабрисио Вердум (Бразилия, 24-9-1)
10. Алексей Олейник (Россия, 59-14-1)

13. Али Исаев (Россия, 9-0)
14. Валентин Молдавский (Россия, 10-1)
19. Федор Емельяненко (Россия, 39-6)
20. Сергей Харитонов (Россия, 32-9)
22. Шамиль Абдурахимов (Россия, 20-6)
25. Мухомад Вахаев (Россия, 9-4-1)
26. Виталий Минаков (Россия, 22-1)
32. Денис Гольцов (Россия, 25-6)
33. Сергей Павлович (Россия, 14-1)
36. Антон Вязигин (Россия, 15-3)
41. Евгений Гончаров (Россия, 15-3)
42. Салимгерей Расулов (Россия, 19-7)
51. Руслан Магомедов (Россия, 15-1)
53. Алихан Вахаев (Россия, 10-2)
61. Александр Емельяненко (Россия, 28-8-1)
62. Анатолий Малыхин (Россия, 7-0)
68. Кирилл Корнилов (Россия, 5-0-1)
74. Азамат Мурзаканов (Россия, 9-0)
77. Олег Попов (Россия, 8-1)
95. Ризван Куниев (Россия, 8-2-1)

Полутяжелый вес

1. Джон Джонс (США, 26-1)
2. Ян Блахович (Польша, 27-8)
3. Вадим Немков (Россия, 12-2)
4. Гловер Тейшейра (Бразилия, 32-7)
5. Фил Дэвис (США, 22-5)
6. Доминик Рейес (США, 12-2)
7. Тиаго Сантос (Бразилия, 21-8)
8. Иржи Прохазка (Чехия, 27-3-1)
9. Райан Бейдер (США, 27-6)
10. Лиото Мачида (Бразилия, 26-10)

16. Магомед Анкалаев (Россия, 14-1)
28. Максим Гришин (Россия, 31-8-2)
32. Шамиль Гамзатов (Россия, 14-0)
34. Насрудин Насрудинов (Россия, 9-0)
38. Виктор Немков (Россия, 32-7-1)
39. Рашид Юсупов (Россия, 12-3)
40. Иван Штырков (Россия, 17-1-1)
44. Алексей Буторин (Россия, 16-4)
49. Муслим Магомедов (Россия, 7-0)
50. Бозигит Атаев (Россия, 21-5-1)
53. Михаил Рагозин (Россия, 16-4)
63. Олег Оленичев (Россия, 15-7)
70. Артур Астахов (Россия, 20-6)
74. Евгений Ерохин (Россия, 22-7)
76. Сергей Мартынов (Россия, 13-3)
78. Дмитрий Минаков (Россия, 5-1)
89. Хадис Ибрагимов (Россия, 8-4)
99. Илья Щеглов (Россия, 7-2)

Средний вес

1. Исраэль Адесанья (Нигерия, 20-0)
2. Роберт Уиттакер (Австралия, 22-5)
3. Гегард Мусаси (Нидерланды, 47-7-2)
4. Джек Херманссон (Швеция, 21-5)
5. Пауло Коста (Бразилия, 13-1)
6. Йоэль Ромеро (Куба, 13-5)
7. Даррен Тилл (Великобритания, 18-3-1)
8. Джаред Каннонир (США, 13-5)
9. Роналдо Соуза (Бразилия, 26-8)
10. Келвин Гастелум (США, 15-6)

15. Омари Ахмедов (Россия, 20-5-1)
18. Александр Шлеменко (Россия, 59-13-0)
25. Магомед Исмаилов (Россия, 17-2-1)
29. Анатолий Токов (Россия, 29-2)
34. Артем Фролов (Россия, 14-2)
37. Алиасхаб Хизриев (Россия, 13-0)
44. Ибрагим Чужигаев (Россия, 14-5)
46. Владимир Минеев (Россия, 15-1-1)
53. Шараф Давлатмуродов (Россия, 16-3-1)
54. Магомедрасул Гасанов (Россия, 14-2)
64. Абдул-Рахман Джанаев (Россия, 13-2)
75. Роман Копылов (Россия, 8-1)
79. Алексей Ефремов (Россия, 22-11-1)
80. Ибрагим Магомедов (Россия, 5-1)
87. Станислав Власенко (Россия, 14-3)
90. Раймонд Магомедаоиев (Россия, 6-1)
95. Шамиль Абдулаев (Россия, 12-1)